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Automobile Central Junction Box Case Analysis

Key words:Selon,MPP,MPC,MABS,MPA,MPET,MPB Source:GZ Selon release time:2015-08-17

Central junction box that acts as main unit bears the utility as electricity allocator along the entire vehicle as well as signal transmitter. The transferred electricity passes through relays, fuses, diodes, and some other electronic modules, which carry out the distribution of the electricity throughout the vehicle. Also, it has other important roles as to protect all the electrical devices from short circuit occurrence. The performances requirement for central junction box is listed below:

1.     1. Flexible to be shaped to any complex structure parts.

2.     2. Excellent processibility (good flow properties).

3.     3. Easy assemble for refine parts.

4.     4. Low shrink and accurate size

5.     5. Main chain has partial rigidness as structure supporter and partial flexibility as to increase its toughness.

6.     6. Outstanding mechanical properties.

7.     7. Long-term in the temperature range of -40~120, therefore it has wide range application temperature.

8.     8. Excellent electrical properties, such as resistance to high current electricity and good resistance to breakdown voltage.


PPE material has splendid electrical properties, heat resistance properties, and size stability; PA(PA66&PA6) materials have excellent mechanical properties, processibility and ductile at low-temperature. The composite of these two materials complementing superiority could fulfill the technical requirement of central electric terminal box. Our company has found several ways to solve the compatibility, toughness reinforcement, high flow tech and long-term stability problems, and eventually came to realization of exploring new PPE/PA composites for central junction box. This composite material has more significant quality-price ratio than the widely used SABIC, ASAHI, and hence it is getting started to substitute it and the applications in Japanese automobile has been gradually increasing.

                                                                                                                                          Heat Resistance PPO/PA



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