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Shunde's sales department:Shunde Branch Office

Area: foshan, jiangmen, zhongshan, zhuhai, taishan, yangjiang and zhanjiang Territory: Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Taishan, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang

Office address: ronggui town, shunde district, foshan city, guangdong of nova scotia road no. 2 3 4 floor Office Address: 2 Fengye Rd. Building 3 4th


Guangzhou sales department:

Area: guangzhou, qingyuan, zhaoqing, zengcheng

Office address: guangdong province guangzhou conghua first julong town of longtan village industrial zone



Dongguan sales department:

Area: dongguan, shenzhen, huizhou, heyuan, meizhou and shantou

Office address: dongguan city, guangdong province, dongguan dongcheng district east garden Ming huayuan 10Room 605,building


Beijing sales department:

Regions: Beijing, liaoning, Harbin, jilin, shandong, hebei, henan

Office address: Beijing fangshan district YanHua metro health DE a 20th floor in 2307



Chongqing sales department:

Area: hunan, sichuan, chongqing, guizhou and hubei

Office address: chongqing Yubei District LanXin 15 road city story10-2


Xiamen sales department:

Area: fujian and jiangxi

Office address: xiamen huli district 5 # 601 room in the xinglong mountain road park north



Shanghai sales department:

Area: Shanghai, suzhou, changzhou, yangzhou, nanjing, wuxi, nantong, xuzhou, anhui

Office address: no. 251, huaning road, minhang district of Shanghai


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